Who We Are:

The Training & Development Institute (TDI) is a division of the  North Central Texas Council of Governments.  Formerly known as the Regional Training Center, the TDI is a not-for-profit training provider with topics geared toward local governments. TDI intends to serve local governments in North Texas and beyond by providing much needed training in the areas of human resources, professional development, management & leadership, planning & development, public finance, public works ,and beyond.  TDI has sector-specific “Academies” of local government training which are highlighted on the homepage of the TDI website. Visit each academy page to learn more about our classes,
partner organizations, and more!

TDI hopes to serve as your one-stop solution center for training. Training classes are routinely scheduled at NCTCOG offices and can be coordinated at your city on the timeline that best meets your needs.  In order to ensure our trainings timely and relevant, we are pleased to roll out our OnDemand training model which allows forthe purchase of individual classes or tracks of training to be completed remotely at your convenience.

We care about the millions of people who choose to live in the North Texas region.  We know how hard our municipalities work each day to meet the needs of their residents and we want to do our part to assist in that. It comes as no suprise, the mission of the TDI is: “to contribute to the successes of the North Central Texas Region by providing high quality training to local governments.”

Click Here to take some time to explore our new site and learn about the Training & Development Institute.  Please let us know if you have any questions or have any feedback via the "Contact Us” link above.